Daisy Ip and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council London Office

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By Chamber Press Office, 08 March 2023

Daisy Ip heads up the London Office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), looking after the UK, Nordics, and Ireland markets. She has been with HKTDC in London for the past twelve years and worked in the private sector both in Hong Kong and the UK prior to joining HKTDC. She has been working closely with stakeholders, trade associations and industry players in partnerships to promote trade in all sectors between Hong Kong and the UK, Nordics and Ireland.

HKTDC promotes Hong Kong's two-way trade in goods and services with the world. It is also a leading organiser of international trade fairs and conferences in Hong Kong, and of promotional events around the world. Each year, HKTDC organises more than 30 exhibitions in Hong Kong, from which form the 10 largest marketplaces of their kind in Asia, including five that are the largest in the world. Following the reopening of Hong Kong in January this year, HKTDC is already successfully welcoming thousands of participants to join its physical events in Hong Kong, as well as those held in hybrid format.

The HKTDC operates business matching services which put enquirers in touch with suppliers, customers and potential business partners in Hong Kong. Also, HKTDC's economists supply the latest market intelligence about business opportunities in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific and elsewhere.

Get to know Daisy

Q: What are your priorities for the next three years?

A: Showcasing new business opportunities in Hong Kong and China’s Greater Bay Area to help businesses succeed. Alongside its traditional strengths, Hong Kong is also the ideal location from which to tap into huge regional business opportunities in emerging industries including sustainability, green transitions, information and technology (I&T), healthcare & medtech, and more.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with Hong Kong and HKTDC?

A: Hong Kong is a great city: vibrancy and energy are extraordinary and contribute to the city’s efficient and dynamic working and business environments. A great thing about my job is to meet so many interesting and inspiring people across all sectors. I continue to learn from their knowledge, and this exposure is invaluable.

Q: What are the KPIs for your team's performance?

A: KPIs are important. However, achieving 'win-win' positions for ourselves, our stakeholders, and businesses, and creating better prospects for all parties involved is the most important thing to me.

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