Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

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By Chamber Press Office, 08 March 2023

This year also marks the 14th Anniversary of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, a business exchange programme that embodies the values of the Single Market. The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs offers new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced host entrepreneurs running small businesses in other European countries.

This exchange, for up to six-months offers an array of benefits to both the Host and New Entrepreneur including.

For the Host Entrepreneur:

  •  Benefit from fresh perspectives and innovative solutions for your company
  • Opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners
  •  Learn about new markets
  • Extra set of hands at no extra cost

For the New Entrepreneur:

  • Benefit from mentorship and on the job learning from an experienced business owner
  • Learn how to successfully run a business in your area
  •  Live abroad for up to 6 months
  •  Exchanges are part funded by the European Commission

To learn more about the programme and how it can work to your company’s advantage, email

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