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ePower Opens Dublin Base As Customer Demand Grows

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13 June 2024

Irish Charge Point Operator and Solar PV Provider looks ahead to a busy 2024 with additional office and Director of Public Charging 

In response to increasing demand for their services, ePower, a market leader in the provision of electric vehicle charging solutions and solar PV, has opened a permanent base in Dublin.

ePower’s conveniently located Dublin base at Ballymount paves the way for their further expansion and growth. The announcement coincides with the company's recent appointment of Brendan Crowley as Director of Public Charging. Brendan has joined the company and the EV sector following 25 years of experience in the oil-based motor fuel industry.

Brendan says he recognised the importance of adapting to a greener approach to travel and transport: “I was keen to bring my skills and expertise earned in the motor industry into the EV space; we can no longer rely on fossil fuels to power vehicles and the electric revolution is well and truly underway. It’s a very exciting time to be in this role.’

Brendan references the rapid growth trajectory required in Ireland when it comes to access to public charging stations: “Ireland currently has about 2,000 public chargers across the country, but to keep pace with the demand, we need to aim to provide 5,000 to 6,000 in the short to medium term. ePower is ideally positioned to partner with clients as we can provide full investment in public EV facilities at convenient locations for motorists, such as fuel stations and retail parks. Public charging is an important factor in making it convenient for people to use electric vehicles as well as addressing any lingering ‘range anxiety’ for EV drivers. Our role at ePower in implementing this over the coming years is an exciting and important one.”

ePower’s Public Charging Division was established as a result of demand from state and public organisations, and commercial enquiries from businesses looking to increase the number of EV driving visitors to their premises. ePower puts a strong focus on charger management and customer service, with a 24/7 in house call centre offering assistance and diagnostics, a dedicated smartphone app and a comprehensive 'back office' function ensuring a fully reliable experience for drivers



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