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09 May 2024

MR Train and Consult offers customised English training for business and professional purposes, built on decades of experience and relevant qualifications. This training has significantly enhanced the career prospects of their clients and improved company performance. Additionally, MR Train and Consult has extensive experience in delivering intercultural communication training. The company’s founder, Marie-Christina, has lived and worked in Germany and successfully accompanied German commercial and ministerial delegations in Bahrain, making them aware of the cultural nuances of the area.

MR Train and Consult has advised small UK companies on conducting business in Germany and helped German companies formulate unique selling propositions (USPs) and other promotional materials in English to maximise their appeal to potential partners, ranging from small to global players. The consultancy has customised its services to ensure client success. Additionally, MR Train and Consult has collaborated with an Irish company in Cork to support a Belgian/Saudi company with HR, training, and other processes, achieving complete client satisfaction.

If you are looking to expand your business into Germany, or to cooperate and communicate with German or French companies, MR Train and Consult can assist you. In a brief call, you can discover how they can provide bespoke training to maximise your appeal and achieve tangible results.

Their extensive international experience in Learning and Development, Talent Management, and HR enables them to offer these training services in both English and German.

MR Train and Consult has established two training centers and has designed, delivered, and evaluated various soft skills and executive training programs in German and English. Their coaching and mentoring programs have notably improved employee performance and retention.

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