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PRII Strategy Highlights the Role of Communications in Society

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09 May 2024

New PRII Strategy Highlights the Role of Communications in Addressing Challenges Facing Society 

A new five-year strategy, designed to support the growth and deepening recognition of the value and contribution of the communications sector, has been launched by the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII). 

The strategy sets out a bright future for its members, whose strategic communications work is increasingly recognised and valued as critical to problem-solving and success in organisations across the public and private sector, from small voluntary bodies to multinational brands.

The public relations and communications sector contributes approximately €1.4 billion to the Irish economy, an increase of €200m over the past five years. Occupation data from the CSO shows the sector employs over 3,300, an increase of close to 20% in five years.

Its representative body, the PRII, has also grown in recent years and has over 1,200 members, the highest in its 70-year history.

Speaking at the launch, PRII President, David Geary said, “Our work over the coming years will, of necessity, engage with the world’s pressing challenges, where our members play pivotal roles in the fight against climate change, promoting equality and tolerance, and fostering digital fluency in the fight back against disinformation.”

“Truth and trust are under attack,” Geary said, “and communicators must be custodians of both. In the AI sphere, this presents fresh challenges to be navigated. By staying informed and embracing responsible AI practices, the profession can harness its potential to enhance its work while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.”

The five-year PRII plan is called VISTA to reflect its ambitious scope and its five key goals: Voice, Insights, Support, Togetherness, and Accreditation.

These goals aim to facilitate the forging of valuable professional connections, tap into global thought-leadership, and stay abreast of industry trends through networking opportunities and informative resources. The Institute will also continue to deliver its long- established professional development programmes, support members throughout their career, and attract the next generation of talent.

Developed following extensive engagement with the Institute’s membership, the new strategy promises to shape the future vista and standards for both current and prospective practitioners.

CEO Dr Martina Byrne said, “There is a much better understanding nowadays about the contribution of quality, strategic communication to our economic, cultural, social, and political lives. It is no longer seen as a cost-center but as value generator. This new strategy will support the current, and next, generation of our members.”

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