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Elite Talent Hub Opens New Dubai Branch

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09 May 2024

Elite Talent Hub Celebrates the Opening of a New Dubai Branch

Limerick Recruitment Agency Expands into Middle East to address employment & skill gaps.

Elite Talent Hub, a boutique recruitment agency with headquarters in Limerick, has announced on their one-year anniversary that they are opening a Middle East branch based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Elite Talent Hub’s new expansion will help Irish employers address the talent and skill shortage in Ireland by bringing in international talent, while helping Irish and UK citizens committed to working abroad find tax-free employment.

Of the company’s choice to expand, CEO Sean Savicic said “At Elite Talent Hub, we don’t just look for opportunities for businesses, we also look at how we can help Irish individuals advance their careers. Recognizing the challenges posed by the current job market and housing situation in Ireland, we've observed a growing interest among Irish professionals in exploring opportunities abroad.”

“We listened to our clients and candidates and identified The Middle East as a promising area for employment. Our newly established second office not only serves businesses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, but also serves as a bridge for the Irish community to the Middle East through a connection with a local business. We're pleased to say we are open for business in the Middle East, and we extend our support to anyone considering a move to the Middle East from Ireland and vice versa.”

  • Elite Talent Hub’s new branch is open as of April 17th, 2024.


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