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Embrace #NoMowMay to Protect Ireland's Pollinators

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02 May 2024

Discover the power of #NoMowMay, an annual initiative launched by Plantlife in the UK, now making waves in Ireland! Throughout May, we're encouraging everyone to stash away their lawnmowers and let nature take the lead.

Why participate? Because our native Irish wildflowers like Dandelions, Clover, and Birds-foot trefoil serve as crucial sources of pollen and nectar for our wild pollinators. With one-third of Ireland's wild bees facing extinction due to food scarcity, #NoMowMay offers a simple yet impactful way to create havens for these vital creatures.

How can you get involved? It's as easy as locking up the lawnmower for the month and watching nature flourish. By allowing these wildflowers to bloom naturally, we're nurturing environments where pollinators can not only survive but thrive.

Learn more here and join us in fostering a flourishing ecosystem right in your own backyard.


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