Dublin Generated Half of All New Jobs in Past 12 Months

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By Chamber Press Office, 20 November 2018

Dublin Chamber said today’s figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) highlight the need for urgent investment in Dublin’s public transport infrastructure and housing stock.
Dublin generated half (49%) of all new jobs in the last 12 months, according to the latest Q3 2018 Labour Force Survey released by the Central Statistics Office today. The survey shows that the number of people working in Dublin has increased by almost 33,000 in the past year.
According to the same survey, the rate of employment growth in Dublin is two thirds (66%) higher in than the figure for the State as a whole. Employment in Dublin grew by 5% in the past 12 months, while it grew by 3% in the State overall.
Commenting on the results, Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke said: “The figures confirm Dublin’s role as the engine of Ireland’s economy. They serve as a sign of confidence in the region. But they are also proof that we need to get serious about infrastructure investment. There are an additional 33,000 people working in Dublin since this time last year. That means more people commuting to work on buses, trains, and the Luas. Further growth opportunities are coming Dublin’s way and the role of our decision makers is to ensure the region is equipped to successfully soak up those opportunities.”
Ms Burke said: “All indications are that this jobs and population growth will continue in the coming years. It’s time we got serious about making the investments that are needed in the capital city region. On the transport side, this means delivering projects such as MetroLink and the DART Expansion programme, as well as rolling out BusConnects and investing in better cycling infrastructure. The continued growth of Dublin shows the importance also of other projects such as the Water Supply Project.”
Ms Burke said: “Dublin’s existing infrastructure is not adequate to meet present demographic requirements, let alone future needs. The population of the Greater Dublin Area is projected to swell from 1.9 million people today to 2.2 million by 2031. To get ready for that kind of growth, the Government needs to pull the trigger now on the big projects that will keep Dublin moving.”