Do Internationals Think Dublin is a Great Place to Live?

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By Chamber Press Office, 11 June 2019

Dublin Chamber has launched a unique new study which aims to identify what internationals living in Dublin think of their adopted city.

With around 1 in 5 people living in Dublin having been born outside of Ireland, the Chamber is seeking to probe the city’s international community about what they like about Dublin as a place to live and work and also the aspects of life in the city that could be improved.
Dublin Chamber is calling on members of Dublin’s international community to share their views in order to help shape the city’s future.
Dublin Chamber will use the findings of the survey to help shape its lobbying agenda, with key messages used to influence Government and key decision makers in the city.
According to Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke: “It’s important that we plan Dublin for all people living in the city. The number of people moving to Dublin from overseas has accelerated in recent years and is forecast to grow considerably in the coming decades. People moving to Dublin from abroad have a unique view of Dublin and we want to capture it. That’s why we’re appealing to those who have come to Ireland from overseas and made Dublin their home to share their opinion. What do they think of our transport infrastructure? What were the aspects they struggled with when first moving here? Did they struggle to open a bank account or get their children registered for school?  The results of this survey will allow us to ascertain what makes the city great and what makes it challenging. This project will help ensure that Dublin is best placed to ensure its offering is comparable with that of other cities internationally.”
The results of the Chamber’s survey will be published in early October. The link to the survey is available on the Dublin Chamber website here.
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