Drought Provides Another Reminder of Dublin's Water Fragility

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By Chamber Press Office, 29 June 2018

The current drought in Dublin is yet another reminder of the fragility of the region's water supply, according to  Dublin Chamber.

The Chamber said the need to reduce water pressure levels in order to protect supplies is proof once more of why the Dublin region urgently needs the proposed Water Supply Project - which will see water piped to the Eastern & Midlands Region from the River Shannon - to be constructed.

According to Dublin Chamber's Head of Public Affairs Graeme McQueen: "The news that water restrictions are in place is unfortunate, but not surprising. The need to limit water usage in the Dublin region is likely to become more commonplace until increased headroom is provided. On a typical day currently, Dublin is using virtually all of the water that is available to it. This means we have virtually no slack to deal with crises and outages, like those that have hit Dublin in the past few days. This is the fourth time in the past 12 months that the residents and businesses of Dublin have seen the amount of water coming out of their taps reduced due to extreme weather and contamination issues. Such problems will continue until a new water source is delivered."

Dublin Chamber said it was encouraging businesses and residents in Dublin to heed the request from Irish Water to limit water usage where possible over the coming days.

Mr McQueen said: “The threat of shortages has been apparent for two decades, yet still no new water supply has been delivered. Until it is, Dubliners are going to have to get used to their water restrictions and reduced pressure notices. Over the past 9 months it's really started to hit home how fragile Dublin's water supply is. Weather events such as Storm Ophelia last October and the 'Beast from the East' in February/March both led to water supply issues. With the current warm, dry spell set to continue for the next week at least, further restrictions are likely."