Bus Connects Can Help Dublin Hit 30-Minute Commute Sweet Spot

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By Chamber Press Office, 12 June 2018

Delivering the Bus Connects project will be important step in reducing the daily pain of congestion for hundreds of thousands of Dubliners, according to Dublin Chamber.

The Chamber was responding to the publication of proposals to build 16 dedicated bus corridors throughout Dublin under the new Bus Connects plan.

According to Dublin Chamber's Head of Public Affairs Graeme McQueen: "The plan for Bus Connects is complex, and its rollout will require a considerable amount of disruption, but the aims of the project are welcome. Commute times at the moment are far too long in Dublin and frustratingly inconsistent. Providing increased priority for buses, and more room for safe cycling routes, will help deliver improved times and make it more sustainable modes of transport more attractive.

"Currently, it can take around 1 hour to travel as little as 6km in the city. That's a very uncompelling proposition for commuters and a detractor from quality of life. Our research has identified that Dubliners see a consistent commute time of 30 minutes as being desirable and achievable for journeys within the M50. The delivery of projects such as Bus Connects, as well as MetroLink, Dart Underground and segregated cycle lanes, are key to that sweet spot being hit," said McQueen.

Dublin Chamber said that timely delivery of the Bus Connects project is essential if the recent progress in getting people to switch to sustainable transport modes is to be maintained.

Mr McQueen said: "We've seen great progress made in getting people to switch to public transport over the past 5 years. Numbers cycling and walking into the city also continue to rise sharply. These trends are welcome, but continuing this progress will require a step-change in both ambition and investment levels. We can longer shy away from making ambitious investments in Dublin, even if the project is complex. The business case for Bus Connects will really come alive if we complement the routes with an extensive network of park-and-ride facilities both around and within the M50, as well as improved an integrated ticketing and fare system and plentiful amounts of bike parking facilities."