MoneyConf Arrival Validates Dublin's Fintech Status

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By Graeme McQueen, 05 June 2017

The MoneyConf conference coming to Dublin is a validation of the city's status as a global hub for financial technology, according to Dublin Chamber, the group which represents business in the Dublin region.

The Chamber estimates that MoneyConf will be worth around €5m to the economy. The Chamber's estimate is based on analysis it has carried out around similar-sized conferences held in Dublin in recent years.

According to Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke: "The organisers could have opted to take MoneyConf to any other major city in Europe. The fact that they have chosen Dublin ahead of them is very welcome and shows just how important a player Dublin now is in the Fintech space. Over the past decade, Dublin has established itself as a hot spot for Fintech, with a large number of multinationals such as PayPal locating their Fintech activities here and a whole host of Fintech-focused startups emerging such as Realex Payments and CurrencyFair."

Ms Burke added: "MoneyConf is obviously much smaller than Web Summit. But given the growth of financial technology around the world, there is considerable scope for the conference to grow over the coming years. Dublin becoming the established home of MoneyConf in the mid to long term would help further Ireland's ambitions to become a world leader in the Fintech space."