Chamber Welcomes Fitzwilliam Cycle Route Proposals

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By Graeme McQueen, 27 June 2017

The NTA’s plans for the street include the introduction of buffered cycle lanes, which would see cyclists protected from general traffic by parked cars.

The Chamber said that such design has proved successful in other cities abroad such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Public Affairs, Graeme McQueen: “The number of people cycling in Dublin continues to grow at a fast pace. However, cycling in many parts of Dublin remains far too dangerous. It is important that infrastructure is put in place to support this growth. The idea of protecting that is commonplace in cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam and Dublin Chamber is delighted to see this type of design being considered for Dublin. We'd like to see more of this in other parts of the city.”

Mr McQueen added: “Proper cycling infrastructure will help to encourage good cycling behaviour in Dublin and increased mutual respect between the different transport modes. Better transport infrastructure and more intelligent use of street space is in everyone's interests. We would expect businesses and the people who work in the Fitzwilliam Street area to benefit greatly from the proposed changes.”