Chamber Welcomes Plan to Re-Wire Dublin's Bus Network

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By Chamber Press Office, 02 July 2018

Dublin Chamber has welcomed new plans to re-design the bus network in Dublin.

The Chamber said it was confident that the proposed 're-wiring' of Dublin's bus routes would help to speed up bus journeys in the city and encourage more people to take the bus.

Getting more people to opt for the bus instead of the private car requires that bus journey times become fast and more consistent, the Chamber said.

According to Dublin Chamber's Head of Public Affairs: "The proposed changes will take some getting used to for many Dubliners, but the fundamentals of the proposed redesign are exciting for the city. If the goal of getting more
people to use public transport is to be achieved, then the bus needs to become a much more compelling offering. Improvements to bus routes and a simpler and more flexible fare system are both positive steps. At the moment, bus journey times are too long and far too inconsistent. A journey that one day takes 30 minutes, can the next day take 60 or 70 minutes. That's frustrating for the user and ultimately discourages them from taking the bus."

The Chamber welcomed plans to shake-up the fare system, with the introduction of a 90-minute ticket and also just two price options.

Mr McQueen said: "Plans to simplify the ticketing system are particularly welcome - and long overdue. For too long, the fare structure has penalised people who want to switch from one bus to the other, or between modes. The creation of a 90-minute fare will make it possible for someone to travel right across the city, changing between Luas, bus and train, without having to pay multiple times. That could be a game-changer in terms of making public transport more attractive. However, a real focus needs to be placed on improved payment options, including the option of paying by credit and debit cards. This is already common-place in other major cities abroad and should be introduced in Dublin as soon as possible."