Underground the Best Option for Metro North

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By Chamber Press Office, 13 February 2018

Dublin Chamber has welcomed reports this morning that the Government is looking at putting more of the Metro North rail line underground than previously planned.

Dublin Chamber - a long-term advocate of Metro North - said that as much as possible of the project should be built below the ground to help alleviate congestion issues in Dublin.

Dublin Chamber's Head of Public Affairs Graeme McQueen said: "If we've learnt one thing over the last few months, it's that the focus in Dublin needs to be on underground projects such as Metro North and Dart Underground. Congestion is threatening to choke Dublin and the Metro North and Dart Underground projects are badly needed to help the city continue to function."

Mr McQueen said: "We've been talking about Metro North for far too long. Much-needed projects like Metro North and Dart Underground have the potential to transform Dublin's public transport offering. Together, they can provide the cornerstone of a public transport network that will set Dublin up for the next 100+ years. The Government must commit to providing the funding required to deliver Metro North - and to getting the project started as soon as possible."

The Chamber said that Metro North will provide a transport solution for Dublin Airport, but also the fast-growing North County Dublin region.

Mr McQueen said: "A new rail link is needed not only to serve Dublin Airport, but also to cater for the additional 40,000+ people who will be commuting into Dublin city centre from north county Dublin within the next 6 years. At the same time, passenger numbers through Dublin Airport are expected to exceed 36 million by 2022. A new rail link will go a long way to supporting such strong growth levels and to accomodating even bigger growth in the future."