Dublin Chamber Welcomes Ambitious Project 2040 Plan

Dublin Chamber Welcomes Ambitious Project 2040 Plan
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By Chamber Press Office, 16 February 2018

Dublin Chamber has welcomed the publication today by Government of Project 2040.

The Chamber said that such a comprehensive plan is much-needed to ensure that Ireland is able to handle the growth and opportunities that are coming its way over the coming two decades and beyond.

The Government's focus must now be on getting the plan on a statutory footing and to ensure that key investments that have been earmarked in Project 2040 are delivered, the Chamber said.

According to Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke: "The potential is there for Project 2040 to tranform Ireland and to ensure that the country grows in a structured and sustainable way. If the Government delivers everything that is included in the Project 2040 plan, it will ensure a high quality of life people in all areas of the country. We particularly welcome the emphasis in Project 2040 on growing Ireland's main cities in a more compact manner. This is in keeping with global trends and very much in line with the submissions made by Dublin Chamber during the National Planning Framework consultation process."

Dublin Metro - Let's Build It!
Dublin Chamber welcomed the Government's commitment to build the long-overdue 'Metro North' project.

Ms Burke said: "An underground rail link between Dublin city centre and North County Dublin has been talked about for far too long. Now is the time to build it. It is particularly pleasing to see that the proposed route will run deep into south Dublin also. We look forward to seeing the finer details of the Dublin Metro project over the coming weeks and hope that work can start on the project without delay."

The Chamber also welcomed the inclusion in the plan of more Luas lines and a much-needed new runway at the fast-growing Dublin Airport.

Ms Burke said: "Dublin's public transport network is currently creaking at the seams. The delivery of new Luas lines to places like Bray, Finglas, Poolbeg and Lucan, together with improvements to the bus network, will ensure that Dublin's public transport network rivals that of the best cities in the world. This is no less than the people of Dublin deserve. If we're serious about getting people out of cars and using public transport, we need to ensure that the public transport offering is compelling. In Dublin today, too many people remain cut off from good public transport. Delivering the initiatives put forward in Project 2040 would be a game-changer for Dublin."

However, the Chamber said it was somewhat disappointed that the underground element of the Dart expansion scheme (known as Dart Underground) appears to have been shelved.

Ms Burke said: "An underground running east/west through Dublin remains an essential project for Dublin. We have called for some seed funding to be made available for design and acquisition on this project, to protect its future viability. Overall, the projects proposed for Dublin in project 2040, if delivered, will ensure that Dublin's status as a vibrant and internationally competitive capital city is enhanced. A successful Dublin is essential if Ireland Inc's potential is to be realised."