Chamber Welcomes Plan for New Pelletstown Train Station

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By Chamber Press Office, 22 August 2018

Dublin Chamber has welcomed the news that Irish Rail is to start construction of a new train station on the Maynooth commuter line at Pelletstown.
The station will be located between the existing Ashtown and Broombridge stops. 
The Chamber said the new stop is important to serve the fast-growing Ashtown suburb, where 1000s of new homes are currently being built, and also the largely-populated surrounding area.
According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Public Affairs Graeme McQueen: “The addition of the new Pelletstown is a big boost for the north-west of the city. Not only will the stop serve residents in Pelletstown, but it will provide a dual boost to 1000s of residents who live in and around the Navan Road and Ashington areas in the form of access to the Maynooth commuter line and also the new Luas green line extension. Currently, residents in these areas are cut off from both the Luas and Maynooth line due to the Royal Canal, with no footbridge or access available. The plan for Pelletstown station includes a footbridge which will span the canal. As the crow flies, the Broombridge Luas stop is located around 1km from the Ashington suburb, but it currently requires a 40-minute walk. The new Pelletstown stop will make public transport a more appealing option for people in the area and help reduce chronic congestion on the Navan Road.”
Mr McQueen added: “These plans for a new station are exciting for north Dublin, particularly given the plans to electrify the Maynooth line over the coming years. Passenger numbers on the Maynooth line have grown significantly over the past 20 years. With many rush hour services at capacity on the Maynooth line, it is vital that a more frequent service is introduced as soon as possible.”