Chamber Welcomes New Liffey Cycle Route Plan

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By Chamber Press Office, 03 April 2019

Dublin Chamber has welcomed the new recommended option for the Liffey Cycle Route, which was unveiled today by the National Transport Authority and Dublin City Council.
Dublin Chamber said the new proposal - which follows seven previous draft plans - is the best option that has been put forward so far.
The Chamber said the proposal represents a good outcome for all road users and should result in enhanced bus prioritisation, a significantly improved environment for cyclists and pedestrians, while, crucially, access for private vehicles is being maintained.
Dublin Chamber believes that there is great scope to increase cyclist numbers significantly over the coming years. The introduction of segregated cycle lanes, as proposed under the new Liffey Cycle Route plan, will be a key catalyst to making that happen.
According to Dublin Chamber's Head of Communications Graeme McQueen: "Improved cycle facilities along the Quays are badly needed. The number of people cycling along the Quays has increased sharply in recent years. Indeed, on some stretches of the Quays, the number of cyclists more than doubled between 2012 and 2018. For the most part, people cycling along the Quays at the moment are taking their life in their own hands as they are forced to mix with buses, cars and other vehicles. The introduction of segregated cycle lanes along the Quays will save lives. It will also lead to a further increase in the number of people who cycle in Dublin.
“Maintaining a general traffic lane along the Quays is particularly important as we await urgently-needed improvements in Dublin’s public transport network, including the addition of increased bus and rail capacity in the short term and the delivery of key long term projects such as MetroLink and BusConnects,” said Mr McQueen.
Dublin Chamber said its vision is for Dublin to have a network of safe cycle lanes across Dublin.
Mr McQueen said: "The €20m Liffey Cycle Route is a real statement of intent that the authorities are serious about making Dublin a safer and easier city to cycle in. There have been 10 people killed on the Quays in recent years: 5 of these were cyclists, while the other 5 were pedestrians. A network of safe cycling infrastructure across the city will greatly enhance how attractive it is to live in Dublin.”
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