€11m Arnotts Revamp a Vote of Confidence in Dublin City Centre

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By Chamber Press Office, 12 April 2018

The decision by the owners of Arnotts to invest €11m in their Henry Street store is a vote of confidence in Dublin city centre, according to business group Dublin Chamber.

The Chamber said the news that Selfridges is to revamp its Arnotts  department store is hugely welcome.

According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Public Affairs Graeme McQueen: “This investment is one in the eye for those who say that city centre retail has no future. This investment will ensure that Arnotts remains at the heart of Dublin city’s retail offering – as it has been for the past 175 years. Arnotts is the type of shop that people base a visit to Dublin city centre around. Shoppers come from all over Ireland to shop there. This €11m investment in Arnotts is one of a number of planned investments – including the redevelopment of Clerys and the Carlton Cinema site - which will see Henry Street and the surrounding area elevated to new heights over the next 5 years. Dublin city centre is continually evolving.

"Traditionally the city centre was a place where the majority of people came simply to shop. However, the centre is now increasingly becoming much more of an experience, with people visiting to enjoy the strong mix of restaurants, cafes and both big label and niche retail. This investment will see that Arnotts is positioned to capitalise on this trend,” added Mr McQueen.