What does a better Dublin look like? 

We know that keeping kids entertained during the current Covid-19 outbreak can be tricky. Ensuring their minds stay active is important too.

That's why Dublin Chamber is launching the 'Better Dublin Art & Short Story Competition'. We want to put their brilliant imaginations to work over the coming weeks! 

What does a great city of the future look like? What kind of city would the young people of Dublin today like to see in the future? What will daily life be like in Dublin in the year 2050? 

These are the questions we want you to put to your children. We want them to think about and imagine the kind of city they’d like to live in when they grow up and what ‘a better Dublin’ would look like to them.  

We then want them to get out their paints, crayons and keyboards and to send us their drawings, paintings and short stories showing what they think Dublin should look like or be like in the future.

Prizes are on offer to the winners and runners up in both categories (Paintings & drawings; short stories). 

  • Paintings & drawings: open to under 10s
  • Short Stories: open to 8-16 year olds (maximum word count: 700 words) 

Closing date for entries is: Due to demand we have **extended the deadline until Sunday 19th April @ 6pm**

To Enter:

Entries can be sent by a parent or guardian to Please state the child’s name and date of birth in the body of the email. Please feel free to tag us in any creations on Twitter (@DubCham) and don't forget to include the hashtag #BetterDublin

Winning entries:
The best submissions will be showcased on our social media channels over the coming weeks. A panel of judges including Dublin Chamber CEO Mary Rose Burke and Dublin Chamber President Catherine Moroney will select the winners across the three categories. The winners will be contacted by the end of April. Winning entries will be posted on our social media channels, as well as in upcoming Chamber member publications. The winning short story and picture will be featured in our quarterly magazine Business Ireland, which is published within The Irish Times. 

We've lined up a great selection of prizes for the winners and runners up in each category. Thanks to the Cool Planet Experience in Wicklow for their support. 

Under 10s Painting & Drawing

  • The winner will receive a €70 voucher for Easons, plus a family pass to the Cool Planet Experience tour, plus 2 tickets for one fun climate related workshop  (total value €80). 
  • The runner up in this category will receive a €30 voucher for Easons.

8-16yrs Short Stories

  • The winner will receive a €70 voucher for Easons, plus a visit to the Cool Planet Experience for their class, including the CPE interactive tour. 
  • The runner up in this category will receive a €30 voucher for Easons.

More information:
For more information please contact:

Why are we doing this?
Dublin Chamber, which represents 1,300 companies in the Dublin region, is dedicated to creating a better Dublin for both current and future generations. Indeed, our Dublin 2050 initiative, which has been running since 2016, aims to ensure that Dublin is one of the best places in the world to live and work by the year 2050. The Better Dublin moniker has become synonymous with our Dublin 2050 work and with Dublin Chamber’s work to make Dublin a better place to live and work, both for current and future generations. We look forward to having you with on us on the Dublin 2050 journey.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The decision of the judging panel is final.
  • Only entries submitted as a PDF or Word document will be considered.
  • The maximum word count for short stories is 700 words.
  • Due to the volume of entries we are unable to enter into dialogue about your submissions during or after the competition.
  • Children are free to enter both categories, but only one entry is permitted per child.
  • The cut off for the age groups will be their birthday at 6pm on Sunday 12th April.
  • Winners will be announced by the end of April.

To help inspire your child, please see below some of the ideas that the Dublin 2050 initiative has generated so far. Kids interested in taking part may also find further inspiration from our thought-provoking A Vision for Dublin 2050 video on our YouTube channel.
A day in life in Dublin in 2050? Idea 1
“Jane gets up for work at 7am. Her predictive thermostat recognises her daily routine and switches off her heating in preparation for her departure. Jane takes the 7.40am high speed DART Underground train from Inchicore, which gets her into Dublin city centre in 10 minutes. She notices that the shrubs lining the walkways are starting to bloom following a mild few days. Drones whizz overhead as the first deliveries of the day are made around the city. Jane feels a pain in her left ankle during her walk from the train station to the office. She recalls tripping over during her camogie match the night before. When she gets to the office, she visits her company’s drop-in medical unit and puts her foot into a scanning machine. The scan is sent instantly to Jane’s GP, who emails her later that morning to tell she has a sprained ankle and to take it easy for the next 7-10 days.”
A day in life in Dublin in 2050? Idea 2
“Rafael leaves for school with a big smile on his face. It’s his 12th birthday and he got exactly what he wanted - a red bike. He jumps on it and cycles away from his home in Smithfield. At the end of the road he meets up with his two best friends, Muhammad and Saoirse, and they cycle the segregated cycle path along the north Quays and over the ‘snake’ cycle bridge which spans the crystal clear River Liffey. Below them, a group of swimmers enjoy an early morning swim in the solar-heated public pool. The three kids continue on their 2 kilometre cycle to school beside St Stephen’s Green. They cycle quickly and freely, without the heavy book-filled rucksacks that their parents once had to carry around. With new technology, school is now paperless. The trio pass through the pedestrian plaza on College Green, where a mix of Council workers and robots are building a performance stage. The three kids will all be back there at the weekend with their families to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the plaza opening. Back at home, Rafael’s father glances at an app on his mobile phone, linked to a sensor on Rafael’s bike, which lets him see that the kids have almost reached their destination.”

Further details are available on our website.

We can't wait to see the entries!