Orla Veale

Managing Director, Conker Ireland

Orla is Managing Director of Conker. She is a business and marketing professional with over 20 years of both local and international experience.  Conker is a Marketing company with a blend of commercial, technical and creative skills that we use to help businesses grow and succeed.

Orla’s view of the Chamber
Membership of Dublin Chamber continues to make a positive impact for Conker in a number of ways such as the development of new beneficial business relationships with other members. Peer learning provides a more in-depth understanding of doing business in Dublin. Attendance at high-quality events with knowledgeable and inspiring industry-leading speakers has provided valuable business insights. The Dublin Chamber team are very supportive, professional and willing to share their breadth of knowledge.

Something you didn’t know about Orla
Orla is a keen Rower so most of her spare time is now spent on the Liffey or on a Rowing Machine.

Want to contact Orla?
Email: orla@conker.ie
Web: www.conker.ie
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Orla Veale