James Beddoe

Account Director & Country Manager, Colt Technology Services

James is an Account Director and the Country Manager of Colt Technology Services.  He is responsible for client strategy and ensuring the success and expansion of the Colt network in Ireland.

James has 18 years’ experience selling telecommunications services into the Irish marketplace.  He has extensive knowledge across all sectors, specialising in the foreign investment sphere.  He is driving the adoption of Colt’s IQ network through his interest in helping companies to grow and develop their international expansion programmes. 

James' view of the Chamber
James finds the Chamber to be a great networking forum and avenue for business insights.   

Something you didn’t know about James
James is an ex rugby player who is father to four girls. He has currently taken up sailing in his spare time.

Want to contact Orla?
Email: james.beddoe@colt.net 
Web: www.colt.net
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James Beddoe