Welcome to the Chamber’s Constitution and Code of Governance passed by Chamber members at the AGM 4 February 2016. This followed the work of the Corporate Governance Review Committee who undertook a review of the existing governance structures in consultation with members and best practice both at home and internationally. 

The main purpose of this review was to comply with the Companies Act 2014 and also update the Chamber's Constitution to allow more effective contributions by Council Members in the discussion and direction of Chamber policy and to establish a Board of Directors, responsible for the governance and management of the Chamber’s business. The details of both Council and Board membership are outlined in the full Chamber Constitution which follows. 

The Code of Governance for Council members which had been updated to reflect the new Constitution. This Code of Governance provides a Code of Business Conduct for the Chamber’s Council Members, Board members and Staff.  It sets out recommended operating guidelines for the Council, Board and Council’s committees to support the effective running of the Chamber.

You can view both the Constitution and Code of Governance in full by clicking on the links below.

Download Constitution

Download Code of Governance