International Missions

One of the best ways to explore opportunities in overseas markets is to take part in trade missions.  Dublin Chamber's programme of trade missions gives members the opportunity to learn first-hand about overseas markets, connect with existing and potential customers and access key decision makers. 

Whether your business is already trading internationally, or is planning to do so in the future, our programme is designed to help you increase sales in international markets.
Our International Department offers two main types of trade missions:

  • Commercial missions seek to produce near-term export sales of goods and services from participating companies. During these missions, Dublin Chamber organises individual, customised in-market meetings between clients and international buyers.
  • Policy missions seek to ensure that Dublin Chamber members are kept up to date on EU/National Policies which relate to business and innovation issues.

Business missions

For further information, please contact:

Stephanie FitzGerald-Smith 
01 644 7235

Aoife Noelle Ngo 
01 644 7200