Local & European Election 2019

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Get out the Business Vote

Dublin Chamber is leading a non-partisan effort to increase voter turnout in the upcoming Local and European Elections in Dublin. We are calling on all our members to encourage their employees to vote in the upcoming elections.

Our vision is that Dublin will be globally renowned for its economic vitality and quality of life. But if we want a better city, we need to elect the right people. At the last Local and European Elections in Dublin, turnout was just 43%. This has a real impact on how the city is governed, and it needs to change.

Ireland has had one of the lowest average turnout levels in Western Europe across recent electoral contests and our most recent Presidential Election had the lowest turnout in Irish presidential election history. Businesses must do their best to ensure that this pattern is not repeated on 24 May.

One of the most common reasons that people give for not voting is that they are too busy or have work and life demands which prevent them from voting. The Chamber is encouraging all members to consider the steps they can take to help employees vote on 24 May, whether that be a later starting time, flexible lunch breaks or time off to vote.
We are also providing information on key dates and deadlines, who is entitled to vote, and how to register. See below.

Greater voter participation leads to greater empowerment of individuals and will ensure that those elected here in Dublin are truly representative.

Please share this information with your colleagues and staff members to ensure that the voice of business is heard on 24 May.
Key Dates
  • 28th April – Closing date for Postal voters or Special Voters list.
  • 7th May – Close of applications for Supplementary Register.
  • 23rd May – Supplementary Register published.
  • 24th May – Polling day: Voting takes place between 7am and 10pm.
Voting Rights
Can I vote? Local Election European Election General Election Referendum
Irish Citizen Yes Yes Yes Yes
British Citizen Yes Yes Yes No
EU Citizen Yes Yes No No
Resident Yes No No No
Registering to Vote
  • If you have registered to vote previously check your name is on the current register by logging on to www.checktheregister.ie and ensure your details are correct.
  • In order to change your details or be included on the register you must complete an RFA form before the 7th of May. This form must be witnessed at a Garda station and posted to your local authority.
  • If you are included on the register but your details are incorrect you must complete the Change of Details Form RFA1.
  • If you haven’t registered to vote previously you must submit a Supplementary Registration Form RFA2 to be added to the supplementary register.
  • If you are an EU citizen, other than an Irish or British citizen, registering to vote in Ireland for the first time you must also complete a declaration on Form EP1, to guard against double voting in the election. 
  • If you have moved and wish to be included on the register in your new location you need to submit the Change of Address Form RFA3.
  • If you have previously been registered to vote and have recently become an Irish Citizen you must complete form RFA5.
  • If you are unable to go in person to vote their number of exceptions that will enable you to be included on the Postal voters List.
  1. Reason of physical illness or disability - form PVS1.
  2. Reason of circumstances of Occupation - form PVS2.