Natalie McGuinness

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Mason Hayes & Curran

Natalie is Director of Marketing and Business Development. Since she joined Mason Hayes & Curran the firm has doubled in size and revenue and won 3 major legal awards.  Natalie is a strategically focused marketing professional with significant local and international experience.  She is responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy at Mason Hayes & Curran with a particular focus on client management. 

Natalie's responsibility is ensuring that clients and contacts have seamless interactions with the firm across all communications and events including digital media, advertising and sponsorships. She is also responsible for brand and ensuring the firm is well positioned in both local and international markets. 

Natalies view of the Chamber

Dublin Chamber is a great way to meet new and interesting people with a common goal of making Dublin better for business.  The events and networking mean that one is constantly learning and developing their network.  People are always open to helping and engaging.  There is also strength in numbers and the organisation has a strong voice at the highest levels in government.

Something you didn't know about Natalie

She lived and worked in Danum Valley Rainforest in Northern Borneo, building a water gravity feed system with a team of teenage volunteers.

Want to contact Natalie?
Twitter: @natmcguinness
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